The success of Enterprise Arcitecture is 10% architecture, 90% communication. You do the architecture. I'll help with the rest.

What I do

Help you focus

Define your strategy, mission and activities in a way that will resonate with your stakeholders.

Turn your information attractive

Visualize your information not only to make it understandable, but to spark a reaction that will help you drive the change.

Open you the door to the boardroom

Show you how to become relevant and become regular member of strategic board meetings.

Give you proven hints on pushing change

Help you find the hidden button that can open up your organization to change.

Make top managers listen to you

Show you what's in there for managers so they start listening to you

Make your message clear across the company

Help you communicate the right message in the right way to different levels of your organization.


Get the help that fits your budget


Let me deep dive into your situation, get my hands dirty and we will make your EA rock together! I am available both on site or online via Skype, as you prefer.


Learn concrete tips and tricks from architecture management, communication, persuasion, psychology, marketing, visualisation and storytelling for your EA initiative. All experience. Zero bullsh*t.

Online Course


Save time & money and learn online whener suits you the best. You can download training videos and watch it on the go too.

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Success Stories

Roadmap as a board game

How to kick off a multi-billion dollar transformation with a picture of a board game

Yes, even in traditional (aka “ice-age”) companies you can win with an unorthodox approach. In this case I explained and drew a roadmap of a company transformation as a very simple board game with all the important aspects worked into the game analogy. This analogy finally aligned top management on the approach, excited people and ignited a huuuuuge change.

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How to explain architecture on bananas

Architecture is boring. You say the word “architecture” and you virtually lost your audience. In this case, I dived into architecture of each business critical application, assessed it, put into a chart and showed that the company is continuously underperforming in terms of IT architecture capability. And… nothing. Visual, colourful, but still boring. So I calculated a single number – average maturity of all current business critical applications, and showed…

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How to finally win an argument, and…

…stop a huge project. In this case, to make my point to business, that architecture of a solution proposed by a vendor is wrong and extremely inflexible, I took a single case and proved that a minor change might end up in discarding client documentation without anybody noticing. You bet it saved a ton of money.

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How I Work

5 days delivery, max

No single assignment should be longer than 5 days. If you don't see real value in that time, more time won't help.

Understand your business

Architecture is up to you. I need to understand your business to be able to really help you.

Politics free

Expect me to be very open and honest with you. When we work together, put aside politics. Keep that for your peers.


It's just not for everybody...


Don't hire me just to justify that you do everything right, but nobody else can see it. Because I am going to show you the exact opposite.


I don't do things the usual way. That's why I succeed. If you're not ready to get out of your comfort zone and put my advice into practice, don't hire me. You'll save money and I'll rather help customers that want to change.


Definitely good reason for not hiring me:) On the other hand, should you hire me, you might end up with much bigger budget then before.


Rich background, real experience
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