Ondrej Galik

Ondrej Galik


   Prague, Czech republic


   +420 777 621 453



About me

Hi! I’ve been an Enterprise Architect for the last 10 years. I had amazing opportunities for going through various flavours of EA role in small to large banks, large international holding structures and international ecommerce players. I survived numerous successess and way too many failures too. Along the way I managed to turn some ambitious initiatives into very surprising success. I also helped to raise tens of millions in budget for large architectural activities.

I have seen many very smart and greatly dedicated fellow architects struggle in the depths of despair especially due to lack of certain communication and marketing skills and business perspective. In my early years I was definitely one of them. Now I decided to share all the tips & tricks that worked in my past experience and help your role to strive in the company. Feel free to leverage all the tips I share on this page to help yourself, get a training or hire me to get my hands dirty with you and help you in person.

This is my story

The boring stuff is on Linkedin. The real stuff is in the story.

Hope you got excited by now:) Don't hesitate, email costs nothing!