The single best tool for EA marketing…

…is – wait for it – a WALL! Oh yeah. Specifically, a wall close to the toilets. It worked every time. Every time I have something to say, I make it visually appealing and stick it to the wall(s) close to the toilets. It’s the easiest way to get 100% … Continue reading

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Ondrej Galik, September 30, 2014

No change is also a course of action

One of the problems of enterprise architects is kind of an inherent urge to see or look for problems in the current situation and strong conviction that a change is needed. Well… Sometimes the best course of action is no change at all. Or what we see as a problem … Continue reading

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Ondrej Galik, September 10, 2014

EA analogy that worked – Enterprise architecture as a consumer advocacy organization

This is one of the analogies I created [listed in EA analogies] to explain particular type of EA role in an organization, set expectations and explain EA services to the management. It worked surprisingly well as I preseted it many times to top managers and larger audiences. A bit of the … Continue reading

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Ondrej Galik, January 24, 2014