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Let me deep dive into your situation, get my hands dirty and we will make your EA rock together! I am available both on site or online via Skype, as you prefer.


Learn tips and tricks from architecture, management, communication, persuasion, psychology, marketing, visualisation and storytelling for your EA initiative. All experience. Zero bullsh*t.

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Save time & money and learn online whener suits you the best. You can download training videos and watch it on the go too.

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Or help yourself

You can start for free the way I did - by reading a lot of books and putting all the advice into practice. This is my recommended reading list I bet you will enjoy.
Personal MBA

Personal MBA

This book made me start my own business. Inspiring book with basic introduction into all areas of business. This is a fundamental book.

Business Model Generation

Business Model Generation

Just read this book instead of reading this paragraph. I learned to quicky understand business modles and play with them as well, often better than the “business” guys.

Made to stick

Made to Stick

Why some ideas survive and others die? Incredible examples and tricks for your communication and presentation skills.

Predictably Irrational

Why people keep making irrational decisions? This book can teach you how to sell more just by adding an option that nobody wants. It’s a crucial book for understsanding how decisions are made.

The service-oriented enterprise

The service-oriented enterprise

This book will turn your thinking about what you do as Enterprise Architect upside down. If you grasp the crux of services, you are on the right track to become successful in your organisation.

Well, and of course plenty of other sources. What I offer is the experience of applying the knowledge from the books in practice. Happy reading!